Open Five 2

2012 | 65 minutes | NR | IMDb

Directed by Kentucker Audley

Cinematography by Rob Leitzell

Starring Kentucker Audley, Jake Rabinbach, Caroline White, Z Behl, Sophia Takal, Shannon Esper, Justin Cox, Sophia Holman, Morgan Jon Fox & Declan Deely

Premiered at the - 12/23/12

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The last in a series of mini-features directed by Kentucker Audley revolving around a small circle of friends in Memphis, Tennessee. Lacking a central narrative, the film is an improvised relationship drama that mirrors the real-life development of the actors' lives made over the course of 3 years. (Official)


- Jake and Shannon do a living room version of their band The Echo Friendly's hit "Same Mistakes"
- The (fictionalized in the film) movie Kentucker goes to act in is the actual set from Joe Swanberg's 2011 Pasolini-inspired experimental film "The Zone"

Filmed in New York, Lexington KY, Memphis TN and New Orleans LA

Shot on the Canon 7D Mark II

"We're using the Canon 7D for our new film, Open Five 2."
-- Kentucker Audley

Budget: $12,000