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My name is Zach and I conceived, researched and built this site because I love these films and wanted to make it easier for other people to discover and explore them.

If you'd like to reach out, please do so: or @mumblecoreinfo on twitter.

A few site notes:

1) I've tried to adhere to consensus where it exists, but ultimately decisions about what films to include or not include here are my own. In general, I have not included films that rely on "characters" or "issues", or that feel stylized, in their dialogue or their techniques, at the expense of the naturalistic depiction of relationships. (Pro: this creates some boundaries for the site and gives it more focus. Con: I've had to leave out a number of indie films, directors and actors I admire, basically for coloring outside the lines. My advice is to follow the filmmakers presented here through all their various projects and you're bound to discover some more amazing films!)

2) While each film's Director is featured, the working criteria for "featuring" an Actor is that they have appeared in a speaking role in at least 2 of the films being covered.

3) The History section of the site began as a presentation I did for a pop-culture salon some friends and I were doing -- it is intended as a broad introduction, not as any kind of attempt at film history. If you have an authoritative contribution you'd like to make to the History presented here, please get in touch.

Thank You

This site would not exist without the finger-on-the-pulse film recommendations over the years from my friend Dr. Steven Baker; the inspiration and encouragement from Annie, Ramona and the rest of Salon X; and the templating vision and JS guru-ing of the amazing Tom Pollak.

In a few cases I have reached out directly to people involved in these films to get primary source info that I couldn't find on Google (birthdates, budgets, what camera was used). Sincere thanks to everyone who has been helpful to the cause.

About Me

I am a web developer in San Francisco. In 2005 I started the indie label Range Life Records, which led to creating a resource site for independent musicians called How To Release A Record.

Some of my favorite (non-Mumblecore) films:

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