2007 | 72 minutes | NR | IMDb

Directed by Frank V. Ross

Cinematography by Frank V. Ross

Starring Anthony J. Baker, Allison Latta, Danny Rhodes, Joe Swanberg, Lonnie Phillips & Denise Blank

Premiered at the 2007 Harvard Film Archive 'New American Independent Cinema' Series

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After an old friend's visit ends, Lori is feeling a bit down. Bored with her job, agitated at home, and frustrated with money problems, Lori takes out her anger on her ex-marine boyfriend, Anson. However, after a broken mug, a trip to the zoo and a case of the shingles Lori's mood changes. (IMDb)


Original Score by jazz-punk trio Happy Apple

Filmed in Phoenix, Arizona

Shot on the Sony HDV

"Sony HDV, don't remember exact model. It had XLR inputs on it."
-- Frank V. Ross

Budget: $4,000


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