Creative Nonfiction

2009 | 59 minutes | NR | IMDb

Directed by Lena Dunham

Cinematography by Brett Jutkiewicz & Hannah Lesser

Starring Lena Dunham, David Unger, Jeffrey Cristiani & Slaine Jenkins

Premiered at the 2009 SXSW Film Festival (Emerging Visions category)

Film School Rejects interview | Filmmaker Magazine interview


College student Ella is completely focused on her ambiguously romantic relationship with her dorm-mate, Chris. She is so consumed by trying to understand his behavior that she's neglecting the screenplay she is supposed to write in order to graduate. When she does sit down to work on the script, her increasingly awkward social life bleeds onto the page and her work begins to express her true feelings about her own situation. (IMDb)


"I had picked up 'Funny Ha-Ha' at the video store when I was sick with mono. I had never heard of Andrew Bujalski. I wasn't, like, up on film-festival stuff, and I watched it and it really rocked my world off its hinges. I didn't want to make that movie, but there was like a good mix of humor and sadness and an immediacy in that movie that I wanted not to replicate but to tap into." -- Lena Dunham, Filmmaker Magazine interview, March 2009

Filmed in Oberlin, Ohio

Shot on the Sony PD-170 (DV) and 16mm

"I bought a PD-170 (I was fond of telling myself that this was the camera Lynch shot Inland Empire on) and recruited some talented young crew people to help me with the Super 16mm aspects of the production."
-- Lena Dunham

Budget: $10,000+