The Lionshare

2009 | 65 minutes | NR | IMDb

Directed by Josh Bernhard

Cinematography by Josh Bernhard

Starring Michael Pantozzi, Jessi Kneeland, Jonathan Hansen, Bracey Smith & Nell Becker

Premiered at the Anthology Film Archives, 2009

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Nick (Mike Pantozzi) gets his girls the same way he gets his music: online. On a first date, Eva (Jessi Kneeland) invites him to an exclusive filesharing community called 'The Lionshare'. From there, Nick's own creative frustration fuels his consumption of pirated music and other media while he produces nothing of his own. Eventually, he finds inspiration in the unlikeliest of places. (Official)


Filmed in and around New York City

Shot on the Canon HV20 & HV30

"As for the tech specs, we shot on the Canon HV20 and HV30 (On MiniDV tapes!) DSLR filmmaking was still in its infancy in late '08 when this was shot, and I can't imagine shooting on physical media ever again."
-- Josh Bernhard (in the comments)

Budget: $6,000