The International Sign For Choking

2011 | 80 minutes | NR | IMDb

Directed by Zach Weintraub

Cinematography by Nandan Rao

Starring Sophia Takal, Zach Weintraub & Roger Delahaye

Premiered at the 2012 BAFICI (Argentina) Film Festival

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Josh is back in Buenos Aires for the second time. Even though the reason for this trip is a rather vague photography project, the young man spends his time trying to contact his ex-girlfriend, with whom he has completely lost touch. Since his attempts are fruitless, he begins behaving in an increasingly alienated and frustrated way; he gets into a relationship with Anna, another American who is living in the same apartment, and with Roger, a local musician. (Torino Film Festival)


Filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Shot on the Canon 5D Mark II

"Canon 5D Mark II + SMC Takumar lenses."
-- Nandan Rao, DP

Budget: $9,000