Quiet City

2007 | 78 minutes | NR | IMDb

Directed by Aaron Katz

Cinematography by Andrew Reed

Starring Erin Fisher, Cris Lankenau, Sarah Hellman, Joe Swanberg & Tucker Stone

Premiered at the 2007 SXSW Film Festival

New York Times review | IndieWire interview


Jamie is lost. She's come to New York to visit her friend Samantha, but Samantha is nowhere to be found, and now Jamie is alone in the city. Charlie just quit his job, and isn't sure where he's going next. Their paths cross late at night on an empty subway platform, and from this chance encounter an unlikely connection is formed. Together they share twenty-four hours drifting from late night diners, to city parks, to abandoned apartments, to a party and art gallery deep in the heart of industrial Brooklyn. (Official - pdf)


- A few tracks on the soundtrack, including the party jam "Sundae", are by Joe Swanberg and Tipper Newton's bedroom-pop band The Ice Cream Floats.

Filmed in Brooklyn, New York

Shot on the Panasonic HVX200

"Camera: Panasonic AG-HVX200"
-- IMDb

Budget: $2,500


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