Open Five


The critically-acclaimed 3rd film from director Kentucker Audley continues his streak of authentic, ambling no-budget films. This summer film made in Memphis won praise for its sincerity, laid-back humor, and naturalistic performances. Co-written and starring musician Jake Rabinbach (The Echo Friendly), Open Five is the story of two young New York women visiting Memphis for a complicated weekend of juke joints, 'singing and dancing' churches & backyard hangs. (Official)


Filmed in Memphis, Tennessee

Shot on the Panasonic HVX

"We filmed with the Panasonic HVX. I don't care what camera we use technically. I don't have quality judgments to make on any camera pro or con. The only consideration I have deciding on a camera is to use a camera that everyone's using, ultimately so the film looks like now, the day and age it was made."
-- Kentucker Audley

Budget: $17,000