Mutual Appreciation

2005 | 109 minutes | NR | IMDb

Directed by Andrew Bujalski

Cinematography by Matthias Grunsky

Starring Justin Rice, Rachel Clift, Seung-Min Lee, Andrew Bujalski & Kate Dollenmayer

Premiered at the 2005 SXSW Film Festival

New York Times review | Under the Radar interview


Alan (Justin Rice), a musician whose band has just broken up, shows up in New York to pursue his burgeoning rock and roll career. He starts by searching for a drummer for a show he's already lined up, and otherwise goes about the mechanics of self-promotion. He finds a champion in Sara (Seung-Min Lee), a radio DJ who sets her sights on a submissive but uninterested Alan - and finds him a drummer. In his down time, Alan drinks and strategizes with his old friend Lawrence (Bujalski), a grad student, and Lawrence's girlfriend Ellie (Rachel Clift), a journalist. Alan endeavors to keep his shoulder to the wheel, while Ellie finds herself compelled by him. The attraction is mutual, but both parties are reluctant to take a next step. (Official)


- Produced by "Sorry, Thanks" director Dia Sokol
- Features songs from (Justin Rice's band) Bishop Allen's debut album "Charm School"
- Bill Morrison, who plays Walter, is a famous experiemental filmmaker who had a mid-career retrospective at MOMA in 2014

Filmed in Brooklyn, New York

Shot on the Arriflex SRII 16mm

"Shot on SRII with Canon 8-64, entirely on 7222 in 1.33."

Budget: N/A


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