Funny Ha Ha

2002 | 89 minutes | NR | IMDb

Directed by Andrew Bujalski

Cinematography by Matthias Grunsky

Starring Kate Dollenmayer, Mark Herlehy, Christian Rudder, Jennifer L. Schaper, Myles Paige, Marshall Lewy, Justin Rice & Andrew Bujalski

Premiered at the 2002 Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival in Birmingham, Alabama

New York Times review | Sense of Cinema interview | Indie Outlook interview


After graduating from college, Marnie (Kate Dollenmayer) is living in Boston. Looking for temporary work while trying to figure out what it is she wants to do, Marnie grapples with her feelings toward her good friend Alex (Christian Rudder), who doesn't seem to feel the same way about her. As she attempts to mature while surviving her dreary desk job, Marnie meets Mitchell (Andrew Bujalski), a shy, neurotic coworker who helps her better understand herself. (


- Produced by "Sorry, Thanks" director Dia Sokol
- Christian Rudder, who plays Alex, was one of the co-founders of Ok Cupid (as well as being in Bishop Allen, along with Justin Rice)

Filmed in Boston, Massachusetts

Shot on the Aaton LTR 54 16mm

"Shot on Aaton 54LTR with Angenieux 9,5-57 on Kodak color stocks, in 1.33."

Budget: $50,000


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